Sometimes Wrong Decisions are the Right Ones

Everyday when I open my Facebook account I have a popup saying you have a memory with so and so and when I ponder a bit more and think about it these are same people everyday. It is rightly said you get not what you ask but what you deserve. I was averse to Maths ends up taking it as my +2 subject. I was averse to engineering and tried every possible way to avoid it but ended up doing it. I joined a firm which I never wanted to and now finally I am pursuing my masters which I always wanted to. But now whenever I find a little time for myself and think about my past I wonder weren’t those decisions which I felt were destiny’s wrong doing to me made me meet the best people in my life.

At every stage of my life I have a few bunch of people whom I consider second family. With years gone by memories piling up I sometimes sit and look back and what I see is a bunch of people always with each other be it a decision to buy a simple chocolate or advice regarding your life partner.

One has a unique characteristic of identifying your bad mood how much ever hard you try to hide it, one can make you laugh through her intelligently silly logics, one can teach you her invented words in no time, one can be blunt and straight on the face to tell you you are wrong, while two can be twins all there life that you can’t imagine one without other and almost mistaken for sisters, one can be super fashion conscious that she is almost the last one always to get ready and last but not the least she is silent but when she speaks she will make you laugh out loud.

All of them in their own weird silly and unique ways add colour to your boring life and it’s hard to imagine that they all are with you because you took a decision to which you did not wanted to…


2 thoughts on “Sometimes Wrong Decisions are the Right Ones

  1. I wish I could write a piece like you but unfortunately I couldn’t 😦

    Amazing yar…tu mast likh leti hai…great we have a talented friend like u :*


  2. This was amazing.. Thank you..
    Should have written a little about you too…. How you make your presence known by making weird faces to any situation no matter how serious or hilarious it is.. Call up at the middle of the night talk for hours without having absolutely nothing important to talk you…


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