Rules to take you long on highway


Dreaming of a road-trip with besties or your special someone is always fun and romantic in all ways. But if you are embarking on a journey on Indian Highways then its not the same as driving in the city where you know the roads in and out and the speeds are much lower as compared to that on highways.

So what should be kept in mind so that your fun-filled or romantic trip is unforgettable for all the right reasons??

It is absolutely fine if you are not aware of all the rules.

Do’s Before the Journey

  • Make sure you serviced your vehicle just before the trip
  • Check for the insurance renewals, PUC and weather all the Bike accessories are in condition or not

Rules to be followed


If you are planning to overtake a vehicle keep the following things in mind

  • Check for oncoming traffic
  • Maintain adequate distance from vehicle ahead of yours
  • Blink high beams and
  • always overtake from the left side



Many of us while driving on highways get angry when someone overtakes us and try to the same immediately. We should understand that there is no competition and it could be fatal

Speed Limits

It is not always the high speed that can cause accidents!! Strange right?? Even driving lower than the normal average highways speed can cause problems to people who drive at the normal highway speed.

  • The High speed limit is 70 kmph at day time and 65 kmph at night120px-UK_traffic_sign_670V50.svg.png
  • There are sometimes certain speed limits specified for certain roads and those are written on the traffic signs on side of roads
  • Do not drive too fast or drive too slow both are not advisable

Keep Right- Always!!

While driving on highways usually left lanes are used to pass by and not for actual driving. So always drive on middle or the right lane.


Look out for traffic signs which signal Humps, as speedy crossing of hump might be dangerous. Also while overtaking keep in mind that there is no hump ahead. The traffic sign of humps ahead looks like below

Parking During Halts

Make sure that you park your vehicle at proper parking space while on halt. It should be parked away from passing traffic with parking lights on.

Take a break after every 2 to 3 hours of driving. It will lead to increase blood circulation and at the same time keep you fresh.

Ever tried a roadside dhaba tea?? It is worth trying 😛


Sharing the Road with Trucks

Highway has it’s own artists… The truck drivers who have the best in town graffiti and a handful of advice. For example “buri nazar wale tera muh kala” or be it “dekho magar pyar se”

Highways are incomplete without their giants-“The Trucks”. Some precautions and rules to follow

  • Trucks need a long distance  to stop as they weigh up to tons of pounds. So maintain a safe distance with trucks as they need time to stop.
  • Do not enter between two trucks, as it is dangerous.
  • While overtaking them use the rear view mirror, give a wider room or space
  • Don’t cross behind a truck that is backing up

Use of Hand/Light Signals

  • While taking a turn use hand or light signals at least 100 mtrs before the turn.
  • have a look at the road behind you before taking a turn.
  • Vehicles that are coming from the other side may sometime miss the obvious blinking because of driving exhaustion.

Some Common traffic signals

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 1.08.31 AM

Follow the rules and be safe!!! And if after following all the above if fate turns out against you and your vehicle gets punctured or broke…

Safe Driving!!!!!!! and Happy Journey!!!!